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27 September 2007 @ 12:23 am
Read, accept, follow and make everyone's lives easier.
Last Updated: December 1st, 8:00 PM EST (2010)

You need to post up an application and wait for it to be accepted before you start role-playing with anyone.
2. Decent sized replies are appreciated. Right around 4-5 sentences minimum as a general rule, and please try to keep  track of your grammar. Nobody here is a Nazi about any of this, and off days are understandable, but make sure your everyday replies are not one-liners.
3. You will need to update your character journal at least once every two weeks. Journal posts need to be set as Friends Only.
4. Risque story lines such as incest, rape, excessive violence, et cetera, need to be alright with all parties involved. Pregnancy is allowed if your character is human, just run the situation by the mod first. We don't want this getting out of hand.
5. Character death must be discussed with a mod, and the character in question must have been in the community for a minimum of 6 months. The only exception being if the celebrity face actually passes away. In the event of character death, the character will permanently be retired from Fatal Desires.
Out of Character Drama is lame. You can get as dramatic as you want in character, but any out of character issues won't be tolerated. If you have a problem with another member, let me know and I'll deal with it accordingly. Otherwise, keep the bitchfests strictly IC.
7. Being Away or Invisible while Role-Playing is not allowed. Playing favorites and only role playing one storyline is considered just as lame as OOC drama. If you wanna have a PSL then go do so, this is an RP community and you're expected not to shun people or RP selectively.
8. New members can be sort of shy, or at least at a loss of where to start, especially once a community gets going and they're stepping into an established storyline. Please try and make the newbies feel welcome.
9. If you have to go away, please put up a Hiatus post in your journal stating when you're leaving and when you'll be back, make sure to delete the Hiatus post when you get back.
10. This community is slash/het/femme friendly.
11. This is a vampire/human community. You can start your character off as a vampire or a human, and decide whether or not they're going to become a vampire later on or stay human for the duration of your storyline. To let me know you've read the rules, please enter lyrics from your favorite song into the 'A' spot of your application and go read the vampire information.
12. This community accepts celebrities or portrayed bys. You can join as as a fictional character with a back story that is completely unrelated to their celebrity face, or you can join as a celebrity as themselves, with an A/U background. For example, if you wanted a musician to still be in a band and from their hometown, that is fine. You will however, need to make up a fictional band.
13. Your characters for this community will need live journals and screen names unique to this community.
14. For now, the general character limit is two. I ask that you please sign up as characters in separate application posts if attempting to join as two at the same time. If you'd like a third character, please contact the mod and the issue will be reviewed based on your current activity within the community.
15. If you're dropping a character, please leave a notice in the taken&held characters.

Make sure to read all the rules and be very clear on them, if you are unclear then please a mod to explain.

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