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27 September 2007 @ 09:25 pm
Make sure to check back regularly and keep yourself updated with allegiances. Approved clans are listed...
Established Clans
Leader: Landon
Based in: A manor in a more secluded part of Wastonville
Customs: Landon is not particularly picky on what his clan members can and cannot do, so he has few customs.
1. Respect. Any and all respect you give will be returned to you, and If you're disrespectful you can expect to be disrespected, but disrespect toward your clan leader is the worst possible thing you could do. Landon does not tolerate disrespect and he will use any means necessary to enforce it. If at any time you disrespect the clan leader, you can expect punishment. He doesn't hand out warnings. You will be looked down upon by him and the more elder members of his clan. Disrespect among clan members is almost as intolerable as disrespect toward your clan leader, and too many fights or arguments between clan members can also lead to terrible punishment, and even banishment from the clan. Landon wants order, and will always make sure he has it in his home.
2. Humans. Humans are not to enter the manor at any time. Not for feeding, not for capture, not for play, not for anything. If you feel the capture of a human is necessary, you can talk it over with the clan leader and a destination for the taken human will be assigned. Several humans know where the manor is located, but under no circumstances may a human ever enter the manor.
3. Feeding. Landon is in no way shy about where he leaves a body after he's finished with it and he expects nothing more from his clan members. He enjoys having the public know who's died and how it happened, so leaving the body there gives him a sense of pride.
4. Siring. All sire's must bring their sired to the clan leader on the second night of their embrace. He will feed them during the last day of their change and teach them the rules of the clan. He will decide if they are fit for the clan, and if they're not they will be banished. Sire's are free to leave the clan with their sired, but it is very unlikely they'll be accepted back in once they do.
Started in: 1758, Transylvania, Romania
Clan Leader Attributes: He is protective not only over himself and his dwelling, but over his entire clan. He does not play favorites, but will play most hated when it comes to 'rogue members' and will not tolerate human contact in any manner other than siring and eating. He is very straight forward when it comes to orders, but makes sure not to have so many that his members feel like their enrolled in a boot camp. He wants to give them freedom, but at the same time save them from absolute insanity; which he has found most rogue Vampires have resulted in.
Clan: Landon, Azrael, Reverend

Apply For A Clan-
Fill out this form to create a clan.
Based in: (What sort of a dwelling does the clan operate out of. In simple terms, where do they live?)
Customs: (Are there any rules the clan goes by? Do they try to keep their kills as out of the public eye as possible, or do they prefer to leave things out in the open for all to see? Do they have rules against or for killing certain people? Some clans will have dozens of customs, other's will have just a few rules to live by.
Started in: (What year did the clan first start, and where do the originate from?)

Clan Application-
To join a clan, either talk to the member whose character runs it to see if you can add your character to the clan in your bio, or join one in character. Some clans are not open unless you were sired into it through one of the already established members. So you may have to be human and sired by one of the members in the game, or get the go-ahead to add it to your bio.

On principal, clans respect their leader. There is always a certain level of respect to be given, and customs of that leader are upheld. Some vampires are of course arrogant and haughty, but leader's will quickly put a stop to this attitude, especially if it must be dealt with in front of other clan members, though the punishment for such actions isn't always dealt with in front of the entire clan, and an overall reaction depends on the leader's techniques.

Being in a clan is not mandatory by any means.