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30 September 2007 @ 09:03 pm
Updated November 2nd, 2010

Some things to keep in mind...

Watsonville Map I like to RP and use things like maps for reference. Usually I draw my own or find one that's already available for the game. This game takes place in a real town. So there's already a setting available if you want to use it. You've of course got the option not to use it and just make things up as you go, but I figured I'd offer the map just in case.

The older your vampire is, the better they are at what they do. Newer vampires, especially vampires turned in game, are rookies at what they do. Older vampires may have a certain status among the rest of their kind, or even hold a small clan of their own, talk to the other members to work this out. Remember, there's nothing wrong with letting someone else be the 'big bad' so to speak and there's no issue with having more than one, rivalry makes for a great storyline and living under someone else's house rules offers a protection and a security as well as adding some very interesting twists to your plot. An old enough vampire might even be somewhat infamous among humans, horrifying descriptions of their features slipped into human knowledge by those that barely made it out alive. If you have any questions, or a big idea for the community as a whole, then you can feel free to IM a mod to talk it over.

Myths.... Alright, there's more than just the holy water&sunlight=ash theory. So I'm just gonna state a few things here that we'll be going with and I want you to feel free to ask questions on anything I don't go over. If you don't know how one thing or another works, don't just go ahead and guess, ask a mod.

Sunlight: Sunlight burns skin on contact. A flash of it here or there, will bring about some smoking and the rotten smell of burnt flesh. Prolonged exposure will cause a vampire to burst into flame.

Religion: Most religions shun the species as sin. In turn, most vampires look down on the Church in very much the same manner. Objects of worship will burn a vampire on contact, and prolonged contact has been known to leave lasting scars on the undead. IE. Crucifixes, Devotional Scapulars, Rosaries, Kippahs, et cetera.

Death to the undead: Their skin is cold like stone, their heart has stopped, any warm blood flowing throughout their veins is not their own, and yet they're more dangerous than any living serial killer psychopath you'll ever meet. You can't just call the cops, get them shot and call it a day. Decapitation, stake through the heart, burning of the body... Yes this all works, but keep in mind that a human actually getting a vampire into a compromising position is next to impossible.

'Friendly' vampires. Yes they're allowed. Vampires that live among people for the most part and try to go on with their everyday lives. These individuals are rare, and very unaccepted by both societies. Vampires living and existing among humans are considered a disgrace by their own kind, and a danger by the human society. Yes, you can be a vampire and try to fit in with humans, but they'll be fighting literally for their life to keep their vampirism a secret from the living community. If they run into another of their own kind, no they aren't going to be able to keep it a secret and it's very likely that the meeting won't go well.

Sleeping. Vampires don't really require sleep, but they can fall asleep. Some vampires will sleep just because there is nothing better to do during the day. Vampires can reach a point of exhaustion in which they will require sleep, after a huge fight or something as equally as exhausting, but on a typical day they don't have to go to sleep during the day so that they won't be tired at night.

Vampirism. There are dozens of different myths describing how it happens. In reality; There is a venom stored in the fangs of vampires that causes the transformation. The time it takes for this venom to take effect depends on the skill of the sire. Drink the victims blood until they are near death, and the venom is fused into the blood stream during the drinking. The bitten are either left where they are, moved to a place more fit for the transformation, or taken away with their sire; it depends on the vampire that's doing the siring. The transformation can take anywhere from one to three days, the earlier stages of which the bitten are in a coma and the tail end of which is very painful as the victims body starts to die down. When victims wake up from this, they're vampires. Reasons for siring are different with each vampire. Whether to add to their clan, end a lonely existence, for the hell of it, whatever the reasons are , they are up to you. To let me know you've read all the vampire information, please enter 'I like to bite' into the 'B' spot of your bio.

Watsonville is the only town in California, and the only known town, where the existence of vampires is recognized by the human race. All of California is not aware, nor are the towns surrounding Watsonville. Somehow, someone discovered it a couple decades back, and it's been the town's secret since. Who would believe them if they tried to explain it anyhow? They don't move out, because vampires live all over the world. The only difference in Watsonville is that people know. They don't have to come home every night to keep safe, and watch their clueless neighbors go out into the world. They know, therefore they take precautions, and they try to pass this knowledge on to their children.
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