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Fatal Desires

an au supernatural rpg based in watsonville california

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Supernatural/Vampire RPG

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The town of Watsonville, California is a peaceful little neighborhood. The sunny city sits just east of some of the nicest beaches California has to offer. Watsonville High's sports teams have been doing excellent for years, despite the major blows the sports teams have taken due to the disappearance of several promising VIPs over the past decade or two. The only thing that tops Watsonville's sports programs are the schools insanely high academic scores, but honestly, what teenager wouldn't do well in school with a 6:00 year round curfew? The sunset casts a whole new scene over the town's cheery, daytime appearance. Sunset and Moonrise bring with them some of the most fearsome creatures the world has to offer, vampires. Vampires own the streets of Watsonville as soon as the first shadow is cast, and after decades of having the place at their fingertips, they aren't giving that hold up anytime soon.


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~Watsonville News~
Watsonville news community. The community serves the purpose of a news station in the town the RP takes place at.
~Fatal Desires RP Archive~
The Role-Play Archive is a place for members to post up finished RPs, if they choose to.